Registration Information

The 16 hour class with 2 hour live fire is split into 4 parts

Upcoming Handgun Safety Classes for Pistol Permit:

October classes:

Saturday October 8, 9AM to 6PM  (NY CCW Parts 1 & 2)  - Full

Sunday October 9,  9AM to 6PM (NY CCW Parts 3 & 4)   Full

November classes:

Saturday November 12, 9AM to 6PM  (NY CCW Parts 1 & 2)  Sunday November 13, 9AM to 6PM  (NY CCW Parts 3 & 4)

December classes:

December 10, 9AM to 6PM  (NY CCW Parts 1 & 2)

December 11, 9AM to 6PM  (NY CCW Parts 3 & 4)


The New 16 hour class required by NY State will be offered  in 4 parts and can be taken split up.

To register for a class send an email and include:



Phone number



Class Date & Time you wish to register for.

 You will receive a confirmation email back from me confirming registration and instructions for payment.

Please note that occasionally replies will end up your spam/junk folder.  If you have not heard back within 24 hours check those folders or give me a call.

For the handgun safety class is $50 (NY CCW Part 1)
NY CCW Part 2 $75
NY CCW Part 3 $75
NY CCW Part 4 $75
Live Fire training is complimentary to students who complete all 4 portions of classroom instruction.  Ammo and firearms provided for use during training.

If you have recently taken the NY safety class with me and your county now requires the 16 hour, you can skip Part 1 and just take 2-4, contact me for details.

Fee for Multi State is $150